Trans Global Group Inc. Expands Business Development Activities and Secures Exclusive Marketing Rights

Trans Global Group Inc., a Delaware corporation, has expanded its business development activities in the edible sauces segment, which can be infused with THC and/or CBD as a new product line. The company will focus on creating THC and CBD-infused versions of each sauce flavor, with a potential to reach a global market. In addition to this, Trans Global Group Inc. has secured exclusive marketing rights to a list of named products through a master distributorship agreement.

Trans Global Group Inc., which operates under the ticker symbol TGGI, has experienced several changes in its business operations since its inception in 1979. Initially engaged in various facets of the telecommunications industry, the company later transitioned into eco-friendly insulation, conceptual design, and renewable and solar energy sectors. In 2016, the company rescinded its consulting agreements and began focusing on reverse merging a company with audited financials in order to increase market value.

In 2019, the company ventured into the plastic manufacturing business, developing products with wide applications and shipping possibilities. Concurrently, they began working on creating a line of edible sauces that could be infused with CBD and/or THC, giving each sauce flavor three potential product lines.

The change in business direction came as a result of several share exchange agreements and the assumption of control by Baron Capital Enterprise. The company underwent several management changes and share exchange agreements to steer the company towards its current path. In September 2020, Chen Ren acquired a significant voting power in the company and subsequently became the new director and CEO.

The expansion into the edible sauces market and the securing of exclusive marketing rights for named products positions Trans Global Group Inc. for potential growth in the burgeoning cannabis and CBD industry

With consumers increasingly seeking natural and holistic alternatives to traditional pharmaceuticals, the demand for THC and CBD products is rapidly growing worldwide.

By leveraging the exclusive marketing rights to a list of named products, Trans Global Group Inc. can tap into the growing market demand for THC and CBD-infused products and expand its business operations beyond the traditional sectors. The additional focus on developing new lines of products with various applications further underscores the company’s commitment to diversifying its portfolio and exploring new business opportunities.

In summary, the strategic moves by Trans Global Group Inc., including expanding into the market of edible sauces infused with THC and CBD and securing exclusive marketing rights, demonstrate the company’s efforts in adapting to changing market trends and taking advantage of new business opportunities

These developments, along with the changes in management and business direction, contribute to the company’s growth potential and enhance its outlook in the fast-growing cannabis and CBD sector.

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