Top 4 Best Dogecoin Block Explorers

A Dogecoin block explorer is an application to find information stored in the public ledger. With it, you can search through blocks and find specific Dogecoin transactions, wallet addresses, rewards, timestamp, and “onchain” statistics such as the hashrate and the number of transactions per second.

The best Dogecoin explorer is because it provides the largest amount of on-chain statistics and has a convenient and beautiful user interface.

Let’s go over those Dogecoin Blockchain Explorers one by one: Dogecoin Explorer

This is the official Dogecoin blockchain explorer. It contains information such as

  • Latest blocks
  • Dogecoin price data
  • Mining difficulty
  • Number of Blocks
  • Biggest mining pools

However, it does not provide a lot of aggregated information and statistics. Dogecoin Explorer

This Dogecoin explorer contains lots of interesting statistics about the Dogecoin Blockchain such as:

  • 24h statistics and chart data
  • Number of transactions per second
  • Transaction fee
  • Number of blocks per day
  • Circulation
  • Market cap
  • Dominance
  • Hashing difficulty
  • Blockchain size
  • Latest Blocks
  • Biggest transactions

You can also explore individual blocks that are visualized beautifully like so:

All in all, a great Blockchain explorer for Dogecoin! Dogecoin Explorer

This is a more standardized tool with information such as:

  • Recent blocks that you can click and further investigate,
  • Current fee estimate,
  • Latest transactions.

It’s a bit rudimentary compared to the previous tool—but it does the job of providing you raw access to individual blocks. You won’t find high-level aggregated and onchain statistics however! Dogecoin Explorer

This nice tool is the only one that provides the Blocks on a timeline to be explored visually:

You can click on each red “dot” which relates to a single block.

In addition to that, you can explore high-level stats such as:

  • Dogecoin rich list,
  • Latest transactions, and
  • Busiest addresses.

However, that’s about it. Dogecoin Explorer

A great and visually appealing Dogecoin explorer with many interesting onchain stats:

  • Price and chart data
  • Latest block id
  • Hashrate
  • Transaction counts
  • Daily volume
  • Blockchain size (GB)
  • Dogecoin supply
  • Number of holders

And many more. This is a great one-stop-shop solution to explore different blockchains of cryptocurrencies such as Dogecoin.

How to Buy Dogecoin

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