How to Add Bitcoin Laser Eyes to Your Profile Pic?

Are you a true Bitcoiner? Prove it! 🀩 This article shows you the 3 best ways to “laser yourself”.

🀩 The laser eyes meme celebrates the Bitcoin bull run to $100,000. It emerged from a typical movie pattern in which characters’ eyes glow as their superpowers activate. 🀩

So, let’s get started!

Method 1: CryptoLaserEyes

  • Go to
  • Click on “Pick Photo” button
  • Choose the .jpg or .png file on your computer with your profile pic and click “Open”
  • Choose the style of the eyes and click the small download icon on the right to store it on your computer

Method 2: Laser Eyes Meme Maker

  • Click the button
  • Click a laser dot image to add it to the canvas
  • Move it to whatever position you want
  • Click “Download” to load it to your computer as .jpg or .png.

The disadvantage and advantage at the same time is that you have to manually place the laser symbols. There are also more options. This somehow compensates for the reduced usability.

Method 3: Kapwing

The disadvantage of this method is that it provides only a single pair of laser eyes. I’d recommend the other two methods!