Rafael Holdings Inc. Reports $2.1 Million Unrecognized Compensation Cost for Non-Vested Stock-Based Compensation

Rafael Holdings, Inc. Overview

Rafael Holdings, Inc. (RFL), a Delaware corporation, is a holding company focusing on investments in clinical and early-stage pharmaceutical companies, including an investment in cancer metabolism-based therapeutics company Cornerstone Pharmaceuticals, Inc. The company also holds a majority equity interest in clinical stage pharmaceutical company LipoMedix Pharmaceuticals Ltd., the activities of the Barer Institute Inc. for preclinical cancer metabolism research, and orthopedic-focused medical device company Rafael Medical Devices, Inc. With a strategic shift in their business plan, Rafael Holdings actively seeks to expand its portfolio through acquisitions and strategic investments.

Unrecognized Compensation Costs

In their recent quarterly report, Rafael Holdings highlights unrecognized compensation costs related to non-vested stock options of $7 thousand, expected to be recognized over the next 1.69 years. Additionally, the company reports a total of $2.1 million unrecognized compensation costs related to non-vested stock-based compensation arrangements, also expected to be recognized over the next four years.

Stock-Based Compensation Expenses and Reversals

Furthermore, the company disclosed stock-based compensation expenses of $591 thousand for the three months ended April 30 and $1,648 thousand for the nine months ended April 30. A significant reversal of previously recorded stock-based compensation expenses occurred due to material forfeiture of Class B restricted shares and stock options, amounting to $915 thousand for the nine months ended April 30, in connection with the termination of Patrick Fabbio’s position as Chief Financial Officer.

COVID-19 and Russia-Ukraine Impact

The quarterly report also highlights the company’s ongoing monitoring of the COVID-19 pandemic and its potential impact on operations and holdings, as well as the possible consequences of the ongoing Russia-Ukraine war on economic markets and the business itself.

Strategic Opportunities

Despite the uncertain global situation, Rafael Holdings continues to explore strategic opportunities and evaluate external opportunities to acquire or strategically invest in later-stage assets with the potential to achieve meaningful clinical milestones, improve patients’ lives, and increase shareholder value.

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