Evofem Biosciences Reports Strong Growth in Net Product Sales of Phexxi in Q1 2023

Evofem Biosciences, Inc. (EVFM) recently released its quarterly report for the first quarter of 2023, showcasing strong growth in net product sales for its flagship product, Phexxi. The commercial-stage biopharmaceutical company is focused on developing innovative solutions to address unmet needs in women’s sexual and reproductive health.

Phexxi: A Unique Contraceptive Gel

Phexxi, a hormone-free, woman-controlled, on-demand contraceptive gel, was approved by the FDA in May 2020 and commercially launched in September 2020. The gel is known as the first and only FDA-approved method of its kind. In the 2022 financial year, Phexxi reported net product sales of $16.8 million, showing the promising potential of this unique contraceptive product in the market.

Continued Growth in Q1 2023

The company’s Q1 2023 financial statement reflects the growing success of Phexxi as the total net product sales increased by 86% and 70% in comparison with the three months ended on March 31, 2023, and 2022, respectively. This increase in sales not only demonstrates the growing demand for the contraceptive gel, but also Evofem’s ability to manage their business effectively.

Addressing Financial Challenges

Despite the success of Phexxi, Evofem still anticipates incurring net losses for the foreseeable future. The company is working on generating recurring product revenue, restructuring its current payables, and obtaining additional funding to support their ongoing growth. Some potential avenues for funding include equity or debt financing, collaborations or partnerships with other companies, and license agreements for Phexxi in foreign markets.

Strategic Focus and Future Growth

Evofem’s segmentation into a single operating segment showcases their focus on delivering the best products and services to address women’s sexual and reproductive health needs. Their current strategy involves increasing net product sales, raising capital, identifying alternative manufacturing methods to lower the cost of goods sold, and seeking ex-US licensing partners to add non-dilutive capital to their balance sheet.

Emphasis on Cash Flow Management

The company’s Q1 2023 financial statement also highlights the management’s emphasis on cash flow management and resource allocation. As of March 31, 2023, Evofem had cash and cash equivalents of $0.6 million, $0.9 million in restricted cash, a working capital deficit of $63.3 million, and an accumulated deficit of $941.0 million. To ensure that the company can continue its operations, Evofem aims to secure additional funding, increase revenue, and implement strategic development plans for future growth.


Overall, the growth showcased by Evofem’s Q1 2023 financial statement demonstrates the potential of Phexxi and the company’s ability to manage their business effectively. With continued success in their commercialization efforts, partnerships, and funding, Evofem hopes to continue addressing the unmet needs of women’s sexual and reproductive health with innovative products and solutions.

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