Evofem Biosciences Reports Increased Q1 Product Sales and Approval of Phexxi in Nigeria

Evofem Biosciences, Inc. (EVFM) has reported increased product sales and approval of its leading product, Phexxi, in Nigeria during the first quarter of 2023. This article will delve into the company’s Q1 performance and its impact on Evofem Biosciences’ operations and prospects.

Q1 Performance and Market Expansion

According to the company’s quarterly report, net product sales for Q1 2023 stood at $5.8 million, a significant increase from the $4.25 million reported in Q1 2022. This improvement is a positive sign for the company, indicating growing demand for its products and increasing market share.

One of the main drivers of the increased sales has been the approval of Phexxi (lactic acid, citric acid, and potassium bitartrate) vaginal gel in Nigeria. The product, which is marketed under the brand name Femidence, was granted approval by the National Agency for Food and Drug Administration and Control in Nigeria on October 6, 2022. This development has further expanded Phexxi’s market reach beyond its approvals in the US.

Financial Performance and Net Losses

Yet, despite the growth in sales, Evofem Biosciences continues to record net losses. The company reported a net loss of $2.35 million in Q1 2023, a considerable improvement from the $31.88 million net loss in Q1 2022. This reduction in losses could be attributed to lower operating expenses, which fell from $33.18 million in Q1 2022 to $9.39 million in Q1 2023.

The company’s financial position also showed improvements, with cash and cash equivalents amounting to $639,000 as at March 31, 2023, compared to $2.77 million at the end of 2022. Restricted cash also increased, reaching $895,000 in Q1 2023 compared to $1.21 million in Q1 2022. While Evofem Biosciences is yet to achieve profitability, the overall improvement in its financial position may be seen as a positive development for the company and its investors.

Product Pipeline and Intellectual Property

In addition to Phexxi, Evofem Biosciences is also working on potential future clinical trials for other product candidates. The company emphasizes the importance of protecting its intellectual property, with plans to obtain additional patent protection for its products. It also recognizes the need to rely on third parties for manufacturing and clinical trial purposes.

Challenges and Investor Considerations

However, despite the progress made, Evofem Biosciences still faces challenges, including the need to raise additional capital to fund operations and achieve sustained profitability. The company acknowledges that it operates in a competitive and rapidly changing market, with new risks emerging continually. Consequently, investors are advised to approach the company’s forward-looking statements with caution.


In conclusion, Evofem Biosciences has reported an increase in Q1 product sales, driven mainly by the approval of Phexxi in Nigeria. Although the company continues to record net losses, these have been reduced significantly compared to the previous year. Evofem Biosciences’ financial position has also improved, indicating progress in its operations and potential future growth. As the company continues to work on expanding its product offerings and protecting its intellectual property, investors may view these developments as positive signs for the future of the business.

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