Enzo Biochem Inc Reports $15.2 Million Net Loss Due to Ransomware Attack

Attack Details

Enzo Biochem Inc reported a net loss of $15.2 million in the first quarter of 2023 due to a ransomware attack that occurred in April 2023. The attack resulted in unauthorized access and theft of sensitive data, including names, test information, and Social Security numbers of approximately 2.47 million individuals.

Response and Impact Assessment

In response to the attack, the company disconnected its systems from the internet and enlisted the help of third-party cybersecurity experts to investigate the incident. Enzo Biochem also informed law enforcement and followed its disaster recovery plan to ensure continuity of operations. However, the full extent of the attack’s impact is still being assessed.

Continuity of Operations

Despite the cyberattack, Enzo Biochem’s facilities remain operational, providing services to patients and partners. The company’s clinical services and products segments have shown steady growth, with revenues reaching $16.1 million for the quarter. However, operating costs and expenses, including cost of revenues, research and development, and selling, general, and administrative expenses, exceeded revenues, resulting in an operating loss of $15.6 million.

Data Security and Privacy Concerns

In addition to the financial impact, the attack raised concerns about data security and privacy. Enzo Biochem confirmed that sensitive information, including Social Security numbers, was accessed and potentially stolen. An ongoing investigation is being conducted to address this issue and mitigate potential consequences for those affected.

Financial and Reputational Consequences

Enzo Biochem’s stockholders’ equity declined significantly to $18.9 million as of April 30, 2023, compared to $54.5 million at the end of the previous fiscal year. Additionally, the company’s total assets decreased to $72.1 million from $95.9 million in the same period.

Recovery and Future Measures

Moving forward, Enzo Biochem will focus on recovering from the ransomware attack and implementing stronger cybersecurity measures to prevent future incidents. The company remains committed to providing high-quality clinical services and developing innovative products in the biotechnology industry. However, the attack’s financial and reputational consequences pose significant challenges for the company in the near term.

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