Enzo Biochem Faces Financial Challenges and Cyberattack Concerns According to Quarterly Report

Enzo Biochem Faces Financial Challenges and Cyberattack Concerns According to Quarterly Report

Financial Struggles:

During the nine months ending April 30, 2023, Enzo Biochem incurred a net loss of $37,142 and had a working capital deficit of $10,153. These figures raise doubts about the company’s ability to continue as a going concern over the next year. In response to these conditions, Enzo Biochem is exploring various financing strategies to obtain additional liquidity. This includes entering into a revolving line of credit for up to $8 million and selling 10% convertible debentures and warrants for $7 million.

Sale of Clinical Labs Division:

To address its financial challenges, Enzo Biochem entered into an Asset Purchase Agreement to sell its clinical laboratory business to Labcorp. The sale, expected to close in July 2023, will enable Enzo Biochem to exit the clinical laboratory services business entirely.

Cyberattack and Data Breach Concerns:

The company disclosed that it had experienced a cyberattack, potentially compromising the personal information of approximately 600,000 individuals. Enzo Biochem is currently evaluating whether its employees’ information was also involved in the breach. The company has notified the affected individuals and regulatory authorities in accordance with applicable laws. The incident has resulted in significant expenses related to incident response, remediation, and investigation. Furthermore, Enzo Biochem remains exposed to risks and uncertainties as a result of the data accessed or exfiltrated from its network.

Impact of COVID-19:

Enzo Biochem made substantial investments in expanding and maintaining COVID-19 testing services since the start of the pandemic in March 2020. These testing services accounted for a significant portion of the company’s revenues and positively impacted its profitability and cash flow in fiscal year 2022. However, the demand for COVID-19 testing has significantly declined as the rate of transmission and severity of variants has decreased in the United States. Revenues from COVID-19 testing during the three and nine months ending April 30, 2023, represented only 4% and 5% of all services revenues, respectively.

Accounting Matters and Estimates:

Enzo Biochem considers various factors, including inflation, interest rates, and economic conditions, when assessing accounting matters. The company’s assessments include revenue concessions, credit losses, accounts receivable, inventories, and the carrying value of goodwill and other long-lived assets. These assessments may have material adverse impacts on Enzo Biochem’s consolidated financial statements in future reporting periods.


Enzo Biochem Inc is dealing with significant financial challenges and cybersecurity concerns following a cyberattack and data breach. The company’s financial struggles have led to the exploration of different financing strategies, including the sale of its clinical laboratory business. Additionally, the decline in demand for COVID-19 testing has impacted the company’s revenues. Enzo Biochem continues to assess accounting matters and estimates that could have future implications on its financial statements.

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