Vince LLC’s Quarterly Report Reveals 9.4% Decrease in Direct-to-consumer Sales, Closure of One Retail Store

Decrease in Net Sales and E-commerce Traffic

Fashion company Vince LLC has reported a decrease in their direct-to-consumer sales, wind down of the Rebecca Taylor business, and a closure of one retail store in their latest quarterly report for the fiscal year. The companyโ€™s net sales decreased by 9.4% to $31,508 in the three months ended April 29, 2023, compared to $34,782 in the three months ended April 30, 2022. This decline has primarily been attributed to the decrease in e-commerce traffic. Moreover, the company had a total of 67 retail stores as of April 29, 2023 โ€“ one net store was closed compared to the previous year.

Vince Wholesale Segment’s Net Sales Drop

Vince LLC’s Vince Wholesale segment’s net sales saw a drop as well, with a loss of $997, or 3.0%, amounting to $32,467 in the three months ended April 29, 2023. This decline was primarily due to lower full-price shipments which were partly offset by an increase in off-price shipments. The operating income for the Vince Wholesale segment was also negatively impacted, decreasing by $1,592, or 15.7%, to $8,571. This was mainly due to the decline in gross margin and lower net sales.

Wind Down of Rebecca Taylor Business

The wind down of the Rebecca Taylor business had a substantial impact on the sales and operations of the Rebecca Taylor and Parker segment. Net sales in this segment decreased by a staggering $10,049, or 99.2%, to $81. The income from operations in this segment increased by $2,676, amounting to $1,192, driven by the wind down of the Rebecca Taylor business. The gain associated with the sale of the Parker tradename ($765) and a net benefit of $624 from the wind down of the Rebecca Taylor business were recorded during the same period.

Liquidity and Capital Resources

Vince LLC’s liquidity and capital resources have been derived from cash and cash equivalents, cash flows from operations, borrowings available under the 2018 Revolving Credit Facility, and the company’s ability to access the capital markets. There have been substantial fluctuations in the companyโ€™s financial results, and future financial results may be impacted by business conditions and macroeconomic factors.

Expectation to Meet Monthly Excess Availability Covenant

Despite these fluctuations, Vince LLC expects to meet its monthly Excess Availability covenant during the next twelve months. The company believes that its other sources of liquidity will generate sufficient cash flows to meet its obligations during this period. However, this expectation is dependent on several factors, including cash flow generation, ability to manage operating obligations, results of inventory valuations, potential borrowing restrictions, and macroeconomic factors. Any negative impact from these factors could require the company to adopt alternative plans to meet its liquidity needs.


Overall, Vince LLC’s latest quarterly report highlights challenges in their direct-to-consumer sales, as well as changes to their retail store count and a transition in their business segments due to the wind down of the Rebecca Taylor business. The coming months will reveal whether the company can address the challenges it faces and continue to generate sufficient cash flows to meet its obligations.

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