Renewable Innovations, Inc. Reports Revenue Decrease for Q1 2023 Despite Strong Product Sales

Renewable Innovations, Inc., a company focused on designing, optimizing, developing, and producing modular, scalable, zero-carbon green renewable solutions, has reported a decrease in revenue for Q1 2023. The revenue for the three months ended February 28, 2023, was $1,098,598, compared to $1,333,245 for the same period in 2022, marking an 18% decrease.

Despite the decrease in overall revenue, the company witnessed a significant portion of its sales coming from products. Out of the total sales for Q1 2023, $1,070,724, or 97% of sales, was from the sales of products, while the remainder came from sales of services.

Key Customers and Company Strategy

Renewable Innovations relies heavily on a few key customers, with two customers accounting for 97% of the company’s sales for the quarter ending February 28, 2023. This is a slight change from the previous year when two customers accounted for 100% of sales. The company’s strategy is primarily focused on mobile and stationary electric vehicle rapid charging.

Financial Performance

The cost of sales for Q1 2023 decreased by 13%, amounting to $593,266 (54% of sales) in comparison to $684,319 (51% of sales) in the same period in 2022. In terms of gross margin, the company’s figures remained consistent over both periods. Operating expenses, however, had a significant increase of 360% – from $171,283 in 2022 to $787,264 in 2023. This was primarily due to contractor expenses totaling $454,878, payroll of $104,142, and rent of $57,890.

The company experienced a net operating loss of $371,262 for the quarter ending February 28, 2023, a stark contrast to the net gain of $473,211 in Q1 2022. This change in financial outcomes highlights the difficulties faced by Renewable Innovations in balancing its growth and generating sufficient cash flow to support its operations.

Management’s Plan of Operations

To address its financial challenges and continue as a going concern, Renewable Innovations management has outlined a plan of operations that includes: increasing sales and profits across its product lines, maintaining cost reductions, requiring a 50% deposit on all purchase orders, continuing positive cash flows from operating activities, and potentially issuing additional common stock to existing shareholders and through PIPE financing.

Accumulated Deficit and Company Outlook

The company’s accumulated deficit as of February 28, 2023, stands at $3,903,403, with a net loss of $371,262 for the quarter. Amid these financial challenges, Renewable Innovations, Inc., continues to strive toward its mission of innovating and implementing efficient renewable energy solutions in the electric vehicle charging sector.

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