Prairie Operating Co. Adopts New Stock Plans and Shows Resilience Amid Russia-Ukraine Conflict

Prairie Operating Co. (ticker: CRKR) recently released its quarterly report, highlighting the company’s resilience amidst the ongoing Russia-Ukraine conflict and showcasing the adoption of new stock plans. As global tensions rise, CRKR maintains a strong position with no direct exposure to Russia, Ukraine, or Belarus in terms of operations, employee base, investments, or sanctions.

In addition, the company does not receive goods or services sourced from any of these conflict-stricken countries and anticipates no disruption in its supply chain. There have also been no impairments to assets due to the conflict, showcasing the company’s stability amidst global uncertainty.

Adoption of New Stock Plans

Another interesting aspect highlighted in CRKR’s quarterly report is the adoption of new stock plans, such as the 2020 Stock Plan, the 2021 Incentive Stock Award Plan, and the retirement of all prior stock award plans. As of March 31, 2023, there were 3,000,000 shares available for grant under the 2021 Plan, and no shares were available for grant under the 2020 Plan, 2016 Plan, or 2011 Plan.

CRKR has also granted new warrants and exercised existing ones, resulting in a total of 21,984,266 common stock warrants exercisable at a weighted average price of $0.37 as of March 31, 2023. Additionally, the company granted 5,000 Series B Preferred Stock Warrants exercisable at $1,000 per share, offering further flexibility for investors and the company’s financial growth.

Aligning Interests of Management and Shareholders

Moreover, the company granted shares of its Series A preferred stock as compensation to its executive team, demonstrating a commitment to aligning the interests of management with those of shareholders. These developments further indicate the company’s dedication to driving growth and shareholder value.


In conclusion, the quarterly report of Prairie Operating Co. showcases the company’s resilience amidst the ongoing Russia-Ukraine conflict and highlights new stock plans and strategic moves aimed at promoting growth and stability for shareholders. Investors can expect CRKR to maintain its strong position in the market and continue to adapt to new opportunities for expansion and growth.

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