LVPAI Group Limited Reports Negative Retained Earnings of $19.7 Million for Q1 2023

LVPAI Group Limited Reports Negative Retained Earnings of $19.7 Million for Q1 2023

LVPAI Group Limited (LVPA), a Nevada-based corporation, reported significant operating losses and negative retained earnings in their recent Q1 2023 quarterly report. The total accumulated deficit reached $19,702,858 by April 30, 2023, causing concern about the company’s ability to continue as a going concern.

The report, released by the United States Securities and Exchange Commission, showed that LVPA has been consistently struggling to generate revenue and cover operating expenses. For the three months ended April 30, 2023, the company recorded a net loss of $10,780, while the net loss for the same period in 2022 was $16,663. The continuing losses have cast doubt on the company’s ability to generate profit and raise capital for growth.

Leadership Changes in 2022

Despite being dormant since November 2011, LVPA underwent significant changes in leadership in August 2022. A series of private transactions saw Chen Yuanhang become the new President, CEO, Treasurer, Secretary, and Chairman of the Board, while Zhang Wenmin was appointed as the new Chief Financial Officer. These changes aimed to turn the company around and secure its financial future.

Seeking Alternative Financing

The management team has recognized that their existing operational cash flow will not be sufficient to fund anticipated operations in the near future. As a result, the company is currently seeking alternative sources of financing, which may include private placements, the sale of common stock, and other securities. Additionally, LVPA is exploring the option of securing short-term loans to finance working capital needs.

Maximizing Working Capital

Despite the difficulties, LVPA is committed to minimizing cash expenses by continuing to pay for consulting services with its common stock where feasible. This strategy will help the company maximize working capital during its current struggles.


In conclusion, LVPAI Group Limited’s Q1 2023 financial report reveals significant concerns regarding the company’s ability to continue operating amidst ongoing losses and negative retained earnings. The recent change in leadership represents an attempt to address these issues, but it remains to be seen whether new management can effectively turn the company around and secure its financial future.

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