Innsuites Hospitality Trust Announces Strategic Plans to Sell Two Hotel Properties and Pursue a Merger with Another Company, According to Quarterly Report


Innsuites Hospitality Trust (IHT), a hotel real estate investment trust (REIT), has disclosed its strategic plans for the upcoming months in its quarterly report. The report emphasizes that IHT intends to sell its remaining two hotel properties within the next 12-36 months and pursue a merger with another company.

Selling Hotel Properties

According to the report, IHT believes that the estimated market asking prices for its Tucson and Albuquerque hotels are reasonable in relation to their current fair market value. While there is no assurance that the hotels will be sold within the expected timeframe or on favorable terms, IHT maintains confidence in the values based on current market conditions and projected improvements in occupancy rates and profits per hotel.

Long-Term Strategic Plan

The long-term strategic plan outlined in the report aims to maximize the benefits of IHT’s real estate equity as well as its investment in UniGen Power, Inc., a clean energy operation. Additionally, IHT intends to pursue a merger with a private, larger entity that seeks to go public and list on the NYSE AMERICAN Exchange. This merger could potentially provide IHT with additional resources and growth opportunities.

Stock and Unit Repurchase Program

The report also highlights IHT’s successful stock and unit repurchase program during the previous fiscal year, which the company plans to continue and expedite in the current fiscal year. This program has proven effective in increasing shareholder value and showcases IHT’s dedication to maximizing returns for its investors.

Risk Factors

In terms of risk factors, the report acknowledges the seasonal nature of the hotel industry, with the Tucson hotel having higher occupancy in the first and fourth fiscal quarters, while the Albuquerque hotel performs better in the second and third fiscal quarters. This seasonal pattern can contribute to fluctuations in IHT’s quarterly revenues. Furthermore, the report recognizes the hotel business’s susceptibility to risks such as travel disruptions, labor shortages, and adverse events like pandemics or economic downturns.

Inflation and Room Rates

Regarding inflation, IHT relies on its ability to raise room rates to keep up with rising costs. Although the company has experienced significant rate increases in the past to counter inflationary expenses, competitive pressures may constrain its future rate increases.

Investment in UniGen Power, Inc.

The report also discusses IHT’s investment in UniGen Power, Inc., a privately held company focused on developing a highly efficient and clean energy generation innovation. IHT’s investment includes convertible debentures and warrants to purchase UniGen stock. UniGen has reported positive progress in the development of its clean energy technology, with the latest prototype design for the UPI 1000TA engine now complete. The engine is expected to be 33% more fuel-efficient than initially estimated and emit only 25% of the maximum allowable emissions, meeting California regulatory standards.


In conclusion, Innsuites Hospitality Trust’s quarterly report outlines its strategic plans to sell hotel properties, pursue a merger, and continue its stock and unit repurchase program. Despite the seasonal nature of the hotel industry and potential risks, IHT remains optimistic about current market conditions and the potential for growth through its investment in clean energy. With a focus on maximizing shareholder value and strengthening its internal control over financial reporting, IHT positions itself for future success in the hospitality industry and beyond.

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