IcoreConnect’s Internal Control Weakness Puts Spotlight on Management’s Risk Oversight and Transparency as Company Continues Expansion

IcoreConnect Inc. (ICCT) recently disclosed in its annual Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) report that, as of December 31, 2022, their internal control over financial reporting had not been effective due to material weakness. The company’s management has taken a proactive stance toward risk oversight, but the current situation raises questions about operational efficiency and transparency.

IcoreConnect, a company providing secure cloud-based practice management services for the healthcare and legal sectors in the US, has garnered attention with its growing suite of software products that focuses on managing, securing, and delivering data. Innovation, technology, and governance have been at the core of its success. However, the material weakness in internal control over financial reporting presents a red flag for stakeholders, forcing them to re-evaluate their investments.

Management Team and Board Expertise

The company has a diverse and experienced board of directors and executive team, including veterans in sales and finance, like CEO Robert P. McDermott and COO Jeffrey W. Stellinga, and experts in technology and information security, such as CTO Muralidar Chakravarthi and CIO David Fidanza. This group is backed by the board’s expertise in corporate governance and risk management, including members like Paul Jackson, a global equity analyst, and Harry Travis, a healthcare consultant.

Lack of Oversight and Transparency

Despite the extensive experience of the management team, the material weakness in internal control points to a potential lack of oversight and transparency in financial reporting. It increases the importance of the board’s oversight in ensuring that proper measures are adopted, and internal controls are strengthened to safeguard stakeholder interests.

The management team has taken steps to address the issue, such as engaging an independent public accounting firm to ensure no additional financial reporting weaknesses exist. However, this active initiative might not be enough to instill complete confidence in investors, as management acknowledges that the independent public accounting firm will not formally attest to the effectiveness of their internal controls over financial reporting as long as they remain a “non-accelerated filer.”

Areas of Concern and Expansion Challenges

Other areas of potential concern raised by the board include the company’s ability to manage operational risks, technology and cybersecurity, effective allocation of resources, and maintenance of a competitive edge. To compound the issue, the company’s compensation committee faces demands for greater alignment between executive compensation and short-term and long-term financial goals, while not promoting excessive risk-taking.

As IcoreConnect continues to expand its product offerings and customer base, it becomes more critical to maintain financial transparency and address potential vulnerabilities in operational and financial risk management. With increasing demands for data security and risk management in the healthcare and legal sectors, IcoreConnect’s growth potential remains promising. However, the material weakness in internal control highlighted by the company’s SEC report presents challenges that need to be addressed promptly to regain stakeholder confidence and ensure continued success.


In conclusion, the material weakness in IcoreConnect’s internal controls points to a demand for increased transparency and tighter controls on risk management. The management team’s steps towards rectifying the issue are commendable, but more substantial efforts and quicker resolutions will help ensure the continued financial health of the company. The strong array of talented professionals on the board and executive team must ensure that internal controls are strengthened and risks are managed effectively to uphold stakeholder interest and support IcoreConnect’s continued growth and success in a competitive landscape.

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