iCoreConnect Inc. Grows Revenues with Six Primary Product Offerings for Safer and More Efficient Healthcare Services


iCoreConnect Inc. (ticker: ICCT) is a company specializing in software and technology solutions, particularly for the healthcare sector. As of December 31, 2022, the company has successfully introduced six primary revenue-generating services targeted at streamlining electronic prescription, insurance verification, medical coding, email encryption, analytics, and management software for healthcare providers. This article delves into the financial results for iCoreConnect and the importance of its innovative software products in driving the company’s growth.


iCoreConnect’s six main software products and services contribute to the majority of the company’s revenue.

    1. Electronic Prescription Software: This service is a SaaS (Software as a Service) model where customers subscribe to the service annually, allowing medical professionals to deliver prescriptions electronically through a secure network in real-time.

    2. Insurance Verifications: Another subscription-based SaaS offering, insurance verification software helps healthcare providers streamline the insurance verification process by automating it using real-time access to patient benefit data.

    3. ICD-10 Medical Coding Software: With an annual subscription, healthcare providers can access iCoreConnect’s ICD-10 medical coding software, which simplifies the coding process, making it faster and more accurate.

    4. Encrypted and HIPAA Compliant Secure Email: iCoreConnect provides a secure and encrypted email service compliant with HIPAA regulations. This SaaS service ensures that sensitive patient information is protected when exchanged between healthcare providers and third parties, such as insurance companies.

    5. Analytics: iCoreConnect’s analytics platform compiles real-time data on key performance indicators (KPIs), saving time and streamlining decision-making processes. The platform offers rich graphics to visualize revenue, claims, accounts receivable, and scheduling data.

    6. MSaaS (Management Software as a Service): The company’s MSaaS software services are subscription-based and allow healthcare management teams to streamline their service delivery through innovative software solutions.


iCoreConnect largely generates revenue from its various Software as a Service (SaaS) product offerings, which comprise 90% of its income. The remaining 10% originates from professional services and other IT-related revenues. All of the company’s revenue is concentrated in North America. Their financial performance showcases the growing demand for these technology-driven solutions in the healthcare industry.

The company’s advertising costs have also seen a substantial increase, from $350,318 in 2021 to $525,533 in 2022, demonstrating the company’s efforts in marketing and expanding its reach.


iCoreConnect’s diverse product portfolio caters to various aspects of the healthcare sector. Healthcare providers using iCoreConnect’s software enjoy improved communication between teams and third parties, such as insurers, and gain access to real-time analytics and streamlined processes.

These innovative technological solutions help to provide efficient and secure communication, leading to enhanced customer protection and a reduction in errors and processing time, ultimately leading to improved patient outcomes.


The healthcare sector continues to benefit from the ever-evolving landscape of technological innovation. iCoreConnect Inc.’s commitment to developing software solutions that address the industry’s challenges has led to an impressive financial performance and cemented the company’s place in this robust market. With six primary revenue-generating products and services, iCoreConnect is well-positioned to continue driving positive growth and impact in the healthcare industry.

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