Franklin Templeton Holdings Trust: Protecting Gold Investments Through an Allocated Account

Franklin Templeton Holdings Trust (ticker FGDL) offers investors a unique approach to investing in gold. The company maintains two accounts for holding gold – an Allocated Account and an Unallocated Account. The Allocated Account holds specific gold bullion bars (identified by batch or bar serial numbers) on behalf of the fund, while the Unallocated Account represents a right to receive a specified quantity of gold bullion without direct ownership of specific bars.

Benefits of Prioritizing an Allocated Account

By prioritizing the use of an Allocated Account to hold gold, Franklin Templeton is providing an important safeguard for investors. This method ensures that the gold bullion owned by the fund is not exposed to the risk of being traded, leased, or loaned under any circumstances, as it is held in a separate, dedicated account.

Limiting the Custodian’s Liability

Franklin Templeton’s strategy also offers additional protection for its investors by limiting the Custodian’s liability for losses. The Custodian’s responsibility is restricted to the market value of the gold bullion in the Fund Allocated Account and the amount of gold bullion credited to the Fund Unallocated Account at the time of any negligence, fraud, or willful default.

Secure Gold Creation and Redemption Process

In addition to this protection, Authorized Participants are required to transfer gold for the creation of new Creation Units and redemptions in unallocated form through credits and debits between their accounts and the Fund Unallocated Account. This ensures that all gold bullion is delivered and redeemed in a secure, transparent fashion, reducing the risk of fraud or mismanagement and further safeguarding investor assets.

Minimizing Risk of Loss Due to Insolvency

One major risk for investors when investing in gold bullion is the possibility of the custodian or sub-custodian’s insolvency, which could result in the loss of gold held in their unallocated accounts. To address this risk, the Custodian transfers the gold from the Fund’s Unallocated Account to the Allocated Account by allocating specific bars to the latter, effectively minimizing the risk of loss due to insolvency.

Exceptional Measures for Unforeseen Circumstances

Franklin Templeton Holdings Trust also takes exceptional measures in cases where the creation or redemption of gold bullion is not possible due to unforeseen reasons, such as breakdowns in communication or computer systems or other unforeseen circumstances. In these situations, the fund may physically withdraw gold bullion from its Allocated Account, ensuring that the fund’s holdings remain secure and available for its investors.


Overall, the innovative approach to gold bullion management adopted by Franklin Templeton Holdings Trust offers a high degree of protection and security to investors. By implementing a clear separation between the Allocated and Unallocated Accounts, prioritizing the use of the Allocated Account for gold storage, and adopting stringent measures to manage risks associated with gold trading and investment, Franklin Templeton is actively safeguarding investors’ assets for a more secure investment experience.

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