Franklin Responsibly Sourced Gold ETF Reports 3.9 Million Shares Outstanding at June 14

The Franklin Templeton Holdings Trust has reported 3.9 million Shares outstanding as of June 14, according to their 10-K filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). The Trust, which operates a single series, the Franklin Responsibly Sourced Gold ETF (FGDL), primarily focuses on reflecting the price of gold bullion, less its operating costs. The investment objective of the Fund is to replicate the performance of gold, while adhering to responsible sourcing guidelines.

With Franklin Holdings, LLC as the sponsor, the Trust was organized as a Delaware statutory trust on April 19, 2021. The Shares, which are common units of beneficial interest, are listed on the NYSE Arca and can be traded under the symbol FGDL.

As of September 30, 2022, the Trust’s aggregate market value was $41,395,628, according to the NYSE Arca.

This information is particularly significant for investors, as it provides a clear and updated indication of the overall market value of this particular investment option.

In their 10-K filing, the Trust has also highlighted the roles of various associated companies and their contributions to the workings of the Fund. BNYM serves as the Administrator, Transfer Agent, and custodian of the Fund’s cash, while JPMorgan Chase Bank, N.A., London Branch, takes on the role of the Gold Custodian. The Trust has its Allocated Gold Account Agreement and Unallocated Gold Account Agreement set up with these two custodian companies.

Moreover, the Trust’s 10-K filing details the creation and redemption process of the Shares by Authorized Participants, which follow specific guidelines. A total deposit in gold bullion is required to create a Creation Unit, which is determined by the Creation Unit Gold Delivery Amount. The same value also applies to the redemption of a Creation Unit. These specific steps ensure a smooth and regulated transaction process within the Trust’s operations.

The Franklin Responsibly Sourced Gold ETF is a noteworthy investment option for those interested in gaining exposure to the performance of gold bullion.

Its adherence to responsible sourcing plays an essential role in setting this particular Trust apart from other similar investment options. It is also crucial for investors to remain up-to-date with the Trust’s announcements and filings with the SEC to ensure appropriate investment decisions based on the latest data and analyses.

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