Ferrellgas Partners L.P. Quarterly Report

Ferrellgas Partners L.P. Quarterly Report


Ferrellgas Partners L.P. (FGPR), a propane distribution company, recently released its quarterly report for the period ending April 30, 2023. Although the company reported strong revenue growth, it did experience a decrease in cash and assets.

Cash and Cash Equivalents

The company’s cash and cash equivalents, including restricted cash, totaled $104.6 million, which was significantly lower than the $158.7 million reported in the previous quarter. This decrease can be attributed to increased operating expenses and investments in infrastructure.

Total Assets

Additionally, Ferrellgas Partners reported a decrease in its total assets, which stood at $1.55 billion compared to $1.60 billion in the previous quarter. This decline was primarily driven by a decrease in property, plant, and equipment, as well as other assets.

Revenue Growth

Despite these challenges, the company did report strong revenue growth during the quarter. Total revenue for the period reached $445.3 million, representing an increase of 10% compared to the previous quarter. This growth can be attributed to higher propane sales volumes and favorable pricing conditions.

Accounts and Notes Receivable

Ferrellgas Partners also reported an increase in accounts and notes receivable, which reached $199 million compared to $150.4 million in the previous quarter. This indicates improved credit sales and the company’s ability to generate revenue from its customers.


However, the company’s liabilities remained relatively stable during the quarter. Accounts payable amounted to $49.8 million, showing a slight decrease from the previous quarter. Additionally, the company’s long-term debt increased slightly to $2.7 million.

Future Outlook

Looking ahead, Ferrellgas Partners is focused on improving its cash position and optimizing its assets. The company aims to reduce operating expenses and improve operational efficiency to generate higher profitability.


In summary, Ferrellgas Partners L.P. reported a decrease in cash and assets despite strong revenue growth. The company’s focus on improving its cash position and optimizing assets will be crucial for its future success. Investors will be closely monitoring the company’s progress in achieving these objectives.

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