Enzo Biochem Inc’s Quarterly Report


Enzo Biochem Inc, a leading biotechnology company, recently released its quarterly report, which provides valuable insights into the company’s financial performance and strategies. One interesting aspect highlighted in the report is the sales agreement the company entered into, allowing for the sale of its common stock. As of the issuance of the financial statements, there have been no sales under this agreement. However, the company filed a “shelf” registration with the SEC, covering the issuance and sale of common stock up to $30 million. This registration will enable the company to raise capital in the future.

Share-Based Compensation

The report also provides extensive information on the company’s share-based compensation, including details on stock options, performance stock units (PSUs), and restricted stock units (RSUs). In January 2011, the company’s stockholders approved the adoption of the 2011 Incentive Plan, which allows for the issuance of equity awards, including options, restricted stock, restricted stock units, and PSUs. Over the years, the plan has been amended and restated to increase the number of available shares and extend its term. As of April 30, 2023, approximately 3,734,000 shares were available for grant under the plan.

Share-Based Compensation Expenses

The report also outlines the amounts of share-based compensation expenses recognized in the periods presented. For the three-month period ending April 30, 2023, the company recognized $286 in stock options and performance stock units expenses and $277 in restricted stock units expenses. The majority of these expenses were allocated to selling, general, and administrative activities.

Stock Option Activity

Additionally, the report provides detailed information on the company’s stock option activity during the nine-month period ending April 30, 2023. The table reveals that there were 4,096,500 options outstanding at the end of the period, with a weighted average exercise price of $2.74. Of these options, 2,126,067 were exercisable. The total future compensation cost related to non-vested options, not yet recognized in the statements of operations, was $2,038, and the weighted average period over which the remaining expense of these awards is expected to be recognized is approximately two years.

Performance Stock Units and Restricted Stock Units

The report also sheds light on the company’s performance stock units and restricted stock units. Performance stock units are earned over a three-year performance period based on revenue and adjusted EBITDA growth goals. As of April 30, 2023, 12,600 shares had been issued, and the balance of the shares are expected to be issued in the fourth quarter of fiscal 2023. Restricted stock units, on the other hand, have a weighted average remaining contractual term of 1.1 years, and the total future compensation cost related to non-vested RSUs not yet recognized in the statements of operations was $1,017.

Segment Reporting

In terms of segment reporting, the company has two reportable segments: Clinical Services and Products. The Clinical Services segment provides diagnostic services to the healthcare community, while the Products segment develops, manufactures, and markets products to research and pharmaceutical customers. The report provides detailed financial information for each segment, including revenues and operating costs and expenses.


Lastly, the report mentions certain contingencies, including class-action complaints filed against the company arising from a ransomware attack and data breach on the company’s computer network. The complaints allege that Enzo failed to adequately secure and safeguard confidential information. The report also mentions ongoing patent infringement cases and the resolution of claims against Roche. The outcome of these legal matters is uncertain.

In conclusion, Enzo Biochem Inc’s quarterly report provides a comprehensive overview of the company’s financial performance and activities. From sales agreements to share-based compensation expenses, the report highlights various aspects that are crucial for investors and stakeholders to understand the company’s operations and strategies.

Note that we may hold securities mentioned in this article. All data is based on recent SEC filings. Even though we have implemented various manual and automatic fact-checking and data acquisition processes, some incorrect information may have slipped through (false positive). Let us know if you find any inconsistencies!