Elastic N.V. Recognized as a Top Workplace for Women and Showcases Strong Employee Engagement, Highlighting Company’s Distributed Workforce Model

Elastic N.V. (ESTC), a company that provides services related to search and analytics, has been recognized by Fairygodboss, a women-focused workplace review site, as one of the best workplaces for women in three categories: Best Technology Company for Women, Best Company for Women, and Best Company Where CEOs Support Gender Diversity. In addition to this recognition, Elastic N.V. also showcases strong employee engagement and a distributed workforce model that has allowed the company to attract diverse top talent from around the world.

As of April 30, 2023, Elastic N.V. had a total of 2,886 employees spread across more than 40 countries globally. Over 30% of these employees are women or individuals who self-identify as non-binary. None of the company’s employees are represented by a labor union. According to information disclosed in the company’s recent SEC filing, Elastic N.V.’s employees, referred to as “Elasticians,” and its company culture are essential to the company’s long-term success.

Elastic N.V.’s Diversity and Inclusion Initiatives

Elastic N.V. has been recognized for fostering a diverse and inclusive workforce while maintaining a strong company culture, which is achieved through various initiatives such as balanced teams and Elastician Resource Groups. The Elastician Resource Groups are self-organized groups within the company that are aligned with specific shared identities, interests, or affinity and seek to help employees feel a sense of belonging and inclusion.

Elastic N.V. also focuses on fair pay and compensation practices in order to attract and retain top talent. The company uses local third-party market data to ensure that compensation levels are fair and competitive in each country in which they operate. External experts are retained to review compensation outcomes regularly, seeking to make sure they are bias-free and reward employee performance and contributions fairly.

Distributed Workforce Model

As a distributed company by design, Elastic N.V. has developed processes, systems, and teams that enable employees to work without needing to be physically present in the same room or timezone. The company believes that a distributed workforce contributes to building a strong company that can scale and adapt as new challenges arise. This workforce model not only helps in tapping into a global candidate pool but also aids in attracting diverse talents to join the company.

Employee Engagement and Continuous Learning

Elastic N.V. has a strong focus on employee engagement which has further strengthened the company’s operations and growth. The company holds an annual employee engagement survey and a mid-year pulse survey check-in to monitor employee morale and attitudes regularly. The results of these surveys are reviewed at various levels within the company and are used to develop action plans.

To support the continuous learning and development of Elasticians, the company’s Learning & Organizational Development team offers various programs and resources, including access to on-demand video-based learning and leadership development programs. These resources aim to enable employees to pursue their purpose in both work and life.

Employee Benefits and Programs

In addition to offering market-competitive compensation, Elastic N.V. provides benefits and programs that support employees’ overall well-being, such as medical and dental programs, mental health support, and paid time off schemes. The company also offers retirement and income protection plans catering to Elasticians based in the United States and outside.

Elastic N.V.’s commitment to fostering a diverse, inclusive, and engaged workforce serves as a key driver for the company’s long-term success. The recognition by Fairygodboss, combined with the company’s efforts to maintain a global, distributed workforce and strong company culture, speaks to Elastic N.V.’s dedication to supporting its employees and growing its business in a sustainable and inclusive manner.

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