Domo, Inc. Expands Sales and Marketing Capabilities, Aims to Increase Market Acceptance Amid Operational Challenges

Domo, Inc., a leading provider of business intelligence tools and data visualization software, is expanding its sales and marketing capabilities in an effort to increase its customer base and the market acceptance of its platform. According to a recent SEC report, the company will continue to dedicate significant resources to sales and marketing programs, as it believes there is considerable competition for direct sales personnel with the sales skills and technical knowledge required by the company.

Recruiting, Training, and Retaining Sales Talent

To achieve significant revenue growth in the future, Domo must succeed in recruiting, training, and retaining a sufficient number of direct sales personnel and sales leadership. New hires require significant training and time before they achieve full productivity, particularly in new sales territories. Domo’s management acknowledges that recent hires and planned hires may not become as productive as quickly as they would like, and changes in sales leadership could adversely affect existing sales personnel.

Effectiveness of Sales and Marketing Programs

The effectiveness of Domo’s sales and marketing has varied over time, and with the effectiveness of any partners or resellers, it may engage in the future. The company’s business and operating results may be harmed if its efforts do not generate a correspondingly significant increase in revenue. Domo recognizes that it may not achieve revenue growth from expanding its sales force if it is unable to hire, develop, and retain talented sales personnel, if its new sales personnel are unable to achieve desired productivity levels in a reasonable period, or if its sales and marketing programs are not effective.

Competition for Skilled Personnel

The company’s future success also depends on its ability to identify, attract, integrate, and retain highly skilled technical, managerial, sales, and other personnel. Domo faces intense competition for qualified individuals from numerous other companies, including other software and technology companies, many of which have greater financial and other resources. Moreover, new employees may not be or become as productive as Domo expects, as the company may face challenges in adequately or appropriately integrating them into its workforce and culture.

Potential Operational Challenges

Domo’s expansion plans come amid concerns about potential litigation that may require significant management attention, result in substantial legal expenses, and lead to unfavorable outcomes that could adversely affect the company’s operating results, harm its reputation, or negatively impact its business. Furthermore, Domo has recently experienced management and board turnover, which creates uncertainties and could harm its business.


In conclusion, Domo, Inc. is focusing on expanding its sales and marketing capabilities to increase its customer base and market acceptance of its platform. However, the company faces several challenges, including hiring and retaining the right personnel, potential litigation, and management turnover. It remains to be seen how Domo will navigate these obstacles as it aims for growth and expansion in an increasingly competitive marketplace.

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