Domo, Inc. Achieves 7% Year-over-Year Revenue Growth Amid Macroeconomic Challenges

Domo, Inc. (NASDAQ: DOMO), the cloud-based software company known for its data experience platform, has recently shown encouraging financial performance despite the broader consequences of the ongoing macroeconomic conditions affecting businesses worldwide. With revenue growth of 7% year-over-year and a reported total revenue of $79.5 million in the three months ended April 30, 2023, Domo is managing to continue attracting customers and increasing revenue.

Domo has established itself as a key player in the business intelligence software market by helping businesses unleash the power of their data. By digitally connecting all employees and providing access to real-time data and insights, Domo enables companies to streamline decision making and stay agile as markets and environments change. Despite global economic challenges, Domo remains poised to capture a significant portion of the market with their innovative cloud platform.

Their subscription-based customer acquisition model

Through the implementation of a consumption-based service, Domo aims to secure new customers by better aligning their customers’ value proposition to the platform’s usage—a strategy that could lead to an improvement in sales and marketing productivity. Adding to the company’s attractiveness is their high level of multi-year contracts, which accounted for 65% of their revenue as of January 31, 2023, and further enhanced the predictability of their subscription revenue.

Customer Acquisition and Growth

Remarking on the importance of customer acquisition to their growth, Domo’s recent 7% increase in remaining performance obligations (RPO) is a clear indicator of the company’s success in securing new customers for their platform. With over 2,500 customers and a dollar-weighted multi-year contract rate of 65%, their revenue growth remains strong and provides a good outlook for the future.

Macroeconomic Challenges

A critical challenge faced by Domo and businesses in general is the ongoing macroeconomic conditions, such as historically high inflation rates in the United States. Inflation could impact Domo’s ability to maintain profitability by driving up operating costs that may not be fully recouped through platform pricing. This environment may also lead to reduced technology spending by businesses looking to reduce expenses amidst rising costs, which could hurt Domo’s bottom line. However, their continued growth in revenue and RPO indicate that Domo is nevertheless succeeding in navigating this new market climate.

Customer Retention and Upselling

The company’s ability to generate growth and incremental revenue also heavily depends on its talent for upselling and retaining customers. Domo has invested in platform capabilities and support resources allowing customers to expand their usage, while customer success teams engage proactively to ensure satisfaction and value realization. Their gross retention rate—a key metric for customer satisfaction—stands at 88% as of the 12 months ended April 30, 2023. Domo’s customer-centric focus and commitment to continual improvement give it an edge in a competitive market.

Sales and Marketing Efficiency

Domo’s emphasis on sales and marketing efficiency is another key factor in driving success. By optimizing sales strategies and managing the sales pipeline effectively, the company achieved a sales and marketing expense of 54% in the three months ending April 30, 2023, compared to 61% in the previous year. In addition, Domo continues to invest in research and development to improve their platform, with expenses representing 29% of total revenue in the same period.


In conclusion, Domo, Inc. continues to show positive financial results despite the global economic climate. Through a focus on customer-centric strategies, a commitment to investing in research and development, and effective sales and marketing practices, the company has been able to achieve year-over-year revenue growth of 7% in the face of challenges. As Domo remains dedicated to evolving their product offerings and helping businesses utilize the full potential of their data, they look poised to overcome the adverse effects of macroeconomic conditions and maintain their position as an industry leader in the business intelligence software market.

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