Does Binance Support MANNA Cryptocurrency?

The cryptocurrency MANNA, founded in 2015 in its first version, is the ‘world’s first digital asset to be distributed on the principles of Universal Basic Income’.

Binance does not currently support the cryptocurrency with the symbol MANNA. In fact, the only crypto exchange currently offering MANNA is SouthXchange under this link:

The US-based non-profit “Hedge for Humanity” that controls and runs the MANNA cryptocurrency has announced to launch Manna 2.0 that is based on an Ethereum side-chain:

Manna 2.0 will be hosted on IDChain, a proof-of-authority blockchain developed by BrightID” (source)

In case, you want to buy MANNA, you can first buy Bitcoin, transfer it to your SouthXchange account, and trade it against MANNA.

However, I personally wouldn’t exchange the hardest apex asset in the world against a questionable, highly centralized “shitcoin”. πŸ˜‰

Instead, I’d simply HODL Bitcoin—and wait for it to suck the monetary energy from the bond, stock, gold, and real estate markets!