Braze, Inc. Faces Intense Competition in Evolving Customer Engagement Market


Braze, Inc. (BRZE), a leading customer engagement technology company, is facing intense competition in a rapidly evolving market. With established and emerging competitors, such as Adobe, Salesforce, Airship, Iterable, Leanplum, MailChimp, and MoEngage, the company must adapt and respond effectively to rapid technological advancements, evolving industry standards, changing regulations, and shifting customer needs and preferences to stay ahead of the game.

Competitive Landscape

Among the most significant challenges facing Braze is its competition with large, well-established companies like Adobe and Salesforce. These industry giants have significant advantages over smaller companies like Braze, including greater name recognition, longer operating histories, larger sales and marketing budgets and resources, greater customer support resources, lower labor and development costs, and substantially greater financial, technical, and other resources.

Competitors like Airship, Iterable, Leanplum, MailChimp, and MoEngage also pose a considerable threat, as they too address specific aspects of customer engagement and are continually improving their products and services. These companies’ products may match or even outperform Braze’s offerings, posing a significant risk to Braze’s ability to attract new customers and retain existing ones.

Furthermore, pricing and market conditions are also critical factors affecting Braze’s competitive landscape. The evolving market for customer engagement products may lead to changing pricing structures, potentially forcing Braze to lower its prices or offer its products at less favorable terms. This could negatively impact the company’s ability to attract new customers, retain existing ones, and grow its business.

The Need for Continuous Innovation

As customer needs and preferences evolve and new technologies develop, Braze must continuously innovate and enhance its platform and product offerings to stay competitive. For instance, advances in artificial intelligence and machine learning may significantly disrupt the consumer engagement and marketing space in the coming years. Braze must be prepared to adapt and respond to these changes quickly and effectively.

Moreover, the company must also maintain and expand its product integrations and partnerships to further enhance its platform offerings. By doing so, Braze can stay ahead of the competition, cater to the changing preferences of customers and consumers, and maintain its stronghold in the customer engagement market.

Sales and Marketing Strategies

Braze’s ability to expand its customer base and achieve broader market adoption of its platform depends significantly on its sales and marketing strategies. To achieve this growth, the company must remain focused on hiring and retaining talented sales personnel and strategic partners, both domestically and internationally.

In addition, Braze must dedicate resources to sales and marketing programs designed to drive new customer acquisitions while promoting upsell and cross-sell opportunities with existing clients. Engaging key influencers in its market, including industry analysts, consulting firms, marketing service providers, data and technology partners, marketing agencies, and other industry experts, is also crucial for promoting the company’s platform and brand.


In summary, Braze, Inc. faces intense competition in the rapidly evolving and highly competitive customer engagement market. To achieve continued success, the company must stay agile and innovative, adapt to changing technologies, maintain a strong sales and marketing strategy, and continuously enhance its platform and product offerings. Failure to do so could potentially result in declining revenues and difficulty in attracting and retaining customers, ultimately harming the company’s business, financial condition, and operational performance.

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