Biopower Operations Corp Redeems Series A Share and Enters into Joint Venture with POWGEX ENERGY PTY LTD in South Africa

Biopower Operations Corp (ticker: BOPO), a company focused on renewable energy projects, announced the redemption of its Series A Share and the entry into a joint venture agreement with POWGEX ENERGY PTY LTD of South Africa. This exciting development is set to foster growth in the renewable energy sector and grant BOPO access to a new geographical region with great potential.

The redemption of the Series A Share

The redemption of the Series A Share came as a result of an agreement between BOPO and CEP on the closing date of June 29, 2021. BOPO issued a note in the principal amount of $1,000,000 to CEP, with a 6% per annum interest rate. The Series A Share will be held in escrow, and if an Event of Default occurs under the Note, the escrow agent will release the Series A Share to CEP. Nonetheless, CEP will retain all rights and privileges under the Note even if the Series A Share is released.

Joint Venture Agreement with POWGEX ENERGY PTY LTD

In another significant development, on May 5, 2023, BOPO entered into a Joint Venture Agreement with POWGEX ENERGY PTY LTD of South Africa. Under the terms of the Agreement, BOPO will form a joint venture with POWGEX to conduct renewable energy projects in South Africa. The parties intend to enter into agreements and conduct renewable energy projects with the Sovereign Government of South Africa and its related ministries.

BOPO will arrange for an investment of USD $6 million in POWGEX in the form of a note, loan, or bond within 30 days of the Agreement’s effective date. Moreover, BOPO will raise up to USD $450 million for investment in POWGEX within 90 business days of the Agreement’s effective date. The joint venture will see BOPO owning a 19.99% interest in the entities formed, while POWGEX will own the remaining percentage. POWGEX will also pay BOPO a management advisory fee of 1.5% of all investment capital raised for joint venture projects.

Issuance of Common Stock and Commitment to Employees

In addition to these new investments, BOPO has also issued a total of 546,160 shares of common stock to both Robert Kohn and Bonnie Nelson, valued at $27,307 per issuance, for partial conversion of accrued compensation. This issuance underlies BOPO’s commitment to its employees as it continues to expand its operations.

Significance of the Joint Venture Agreement

The joint venture agreement with POWGEX ENERGY PTY LTD is a significant step forward for BOPO, expanding its geographical footprint and allowing it to partake in renewable energy projects in South Africa. This collaboration not only showcases BOPO’s dedication to renewable energy development but also presents a remarkable opportunity for growth in the South African renewable energy market.

Financial Position and Future Prospects

Overall, Biopower Operations Corp’s financial position as of its quarterly report with the Securities and Exchange Commission for the fiscal year ending November 30, 2021, reflects its commitment to investing in renewable energy projects and technologies. The company’s investment in POWGEX ENERGY PTY LTD and redemption of Series A Share not only highlights its dedication to renewable energy but also demonstrates its potential for growth in the industry. With these strategic steps, BOPO is set to make substantial strides in the coming years as it continues to broaden its activities within the renewable energy sector.

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